Euro 7,00

Bruschetta with smoked salmon tartar
Ham with mozzarella knots
Aparagus flan with gorgonzola cream

First Courses

Euro 8,00

Spaghetti all’amatriciana
Cream of chickpeas with cod
Lasagne with vegetables
Farfalline with tuna and leeks
Risotto with spinach and gorgonzola cheese

Main Courses

Euro 12,00

Meatballs with vegetables with salad and roasted potatoes
Chicken curry with basmati rice
Roastbeef with vegetables and roasted potatoes
Fried chops with mixed salad and roasted potatoes
Cheeseburger (Chianina 180 gr) with roasted potatoes
Baked octopus with mixed salad and roasted potatoes
Steamed salt cod with julienne vegetables and roasted potatoes


Euro 5,00

Apple pie
Orange pie
Creme caramel
Mascarpone cream
Chocolate Flan


Three-course tasting menu-selection, and indoor water € 20 each person

Bread, water and cover.
Euro 2,00